Skanzen – The handicraft village museum

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Skanzen – The handicraft village museum

Skanzen-handicraft Village is situated in the Gurgheu bazin, sorrounded by the Giurgeu and Gurghiu mountains, near the national road linking  Praid of Gheorgheni. The scenery is picturesque  with a magnificent view to the mountains that surround the place. You can see the rough Bucin mountains, the Massif of the South, the highest peak Mezo-Havas and the perimeters of Călimani mountains.

The place offers for all ager for, moments of total relaxation and fresh air, away from the crowds  urban noise.We welcome you to discover the  tremendous atmosphere of the place, and to spend beautiful moments in nature.

In the mini village you find: 

  • Folk museum and handmade workshop;
  • Seven autentic farmhouses were built by rebuilding some houses dating from the same period as the guesthouse Basa Inn, and by building new ones in authentic style;
  • In the 5 workshops of the village, handicrafts are manufactured under strict supervision. Each product is checked by a professional jury. If the product qualifies stringent quality requirements, the jury gives the certificate and the right to use the trademark of village Skanzen. The quality and originality of the products is 100% guaranteed;
  • Guests are welcome to assist in the manufacturing processes as well, as visiting the exhibitions;
  • Visitors can purchase souvenirs as well.

During peak season, the village’s workshops are open to public every day between 09 AM and 18 PM. In the off-season, the museum and workshops can be visited based on appointments. Appointments can be made via phone: +40-749/427219.